How To Crack CHS Entrance Exam 2020

How To Qualify CHS Entrance Exam 2020

(Only for class-6 and 9)
“How To Qualify Chs Entrance Exam,” every student asks this question. so today I tell you to qualify the entrance exam very easy. You know almost 1 lakh student fills the form for the exam. Only 80 thousand reach its exam center for the exam. From 80 thousand students 50% not capable to qualify exam get 5 to 30 marks in the entrance exam. Now only 40 thousand students left. From this student, 20k students fill the form only to check own mind means how the knowledge I have. So, your competition with only 20 thousand students. So don’ fear form lakhs of students. Now come to how to prepare.

For class-6 and 9

If you to qualify for 6th you have to study your 5th syllabus best. You have to buy the Guide Central Hindu School Entrance Exam 2020 you can buy this form online as well as offline.
Your book conation previous year question paper and full syllabus of the entrance exam.
I have also a qualified CHS entrance exam in 2016 and get admission to CHS now I am in Class-9. I share my own experience So, follow my suggestion. 

Study Only CHS Guide book. I guarantee you qualify. I gave the list to study most :

  1. Currency of country
  2. Capitals of other countries
  3. Indian state capitals
  4. Indian state chief minister
  5. Important date (world environment day, Aid Day, etc)
  6. Famous Books writer’s name.
  7. Famous Player and its game (Sunil Kumar play which game?)
  8. Famous place and its location( where is Sun temple)
  9. Largest state(Indian) ,Country, continent
  10. Largest producer(Wheat, rice, tea.iron, etc)
  11. Important Towns situated at the River Bank(Lucknow is situated on the bank of which river)
  12. How many players in-game(hokey, polo,kho kho)
  13. First Person (first prime minister, president, etc)
  14. Deficiency disease.

Invention and Inventor
Human facts
Human facts

First In India achievement By Male
First In India achievement
First In India achievement By Female
First In India achievement By Female
First In The World
First In The World
First In The World
Important Dates
Important Dates
important dates
Important Rivers In India
important Rivers In India

Types Of Vitamins and Deficiency Disease

Types Of Vitmains and Deficiency Disease
– 1 or 2 questions every topic asked very year
From Maths

  1. Profit and losses ( 2 or 3 questions)
  2. Percentage( 1 question)
  3. Liter to ml, ml to liter. ( 1 question)
  4. Roman Number(1 question)
  5. Ratio and Proportion (1 question)
  6. HCF and LCM ( 1 question)
  7. Area  and Perimeter( 1 question)
  8. Divisibility Rule( 1 question)
Maths Quiz Comming Soon…

From Science

  1. Invention and Inventor (Who invented the Radar) (2 or 3 Question)
  2. Some Important Facts of Human Body (Smallest Bone) (2 or 3 Question)
From English

  1. The Noun: Number(Pural of Man is)
  2. The Noun: Gender (Peahen-Peacock)
  3. The Adjective
  4. Use of Is, Am, Are, Was, Were
From Hindi

  1. संज्ञा, लिंग, वचन, करक करक (2 or 3 Question)
  2. सर्वनाम (1 or 2 question)
  3. क्रिया, काल 
  4. विशेषण
  5. संधि (Important) (3 or 4 question)
  6. पर्यायवाची
  7. अनेक शब्दो के लिए एक शब्द , विलोम 
  8. मुहावरे, लोकोक्तियाँ 
If you really want to Qualify CHS entrance exam you have to buy CHS GUIDE. If you did not find book offline buy form online at amazon 
Class -9 : 


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