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Super30-The Real Story

Super 30-The Real Story
About Super 30
Super 30 is an educational institute in Patna(Bihar). Super 30 is established in 2020 by Abhayanand and Anand Kumar. Super 30 select 30 brilliant students who can’t afford good coaching  and training them for IIT JEE. 
Anand Kumar Life Story
Anand Kumar belongs to a poor family and his home was in the bank of Railway track in a rented room. 
Super30-The Real Story

He lives in his joint family. In his home have not enough space to study. He studies in a day under the Guava Tree. His father works in the Post office. His father has not capable to educate his son in private school. Anand Kumar study in a government school. After passing 10th his friend goes to Delhi for Higher education to become a doctor, engineer, IAS officer. But he has no money to afford this. He gets his admission at Patna University. At Patna University he discovers a new mathematics formula Cambridge University exited to know how he discovers this formula. This achievement was published in the newspaper, Articles, magazines. Cambridge University offered him to join Cambridge University he was very happy about this but his family has not much money to go to Cambridge. His father was very dispersed for he has no money for his son to go to Cambridge. It was the night of depression. All family member was going to sleep then on 11:00 PM his father died. He can’t believe his father was not in the world. After the father dies his family suffers from a very bad situation. After some day Anand Kumar thinks about his family then his mother comes and said to Anans “I made chips and you sell in the evening after study in the day”.
Super30-The Real Story

Anand ready for this. He and his small brother sell the chips in the evening his chips name was “Anand Chips”. After a month his brother said to Anand ” How long have you sell the chips if you want to became a good teacher, go to Cambridge then you have to study well”. Then Anand realized this and then he selects two children and teaches them. Slow-Slowly more students come to study form Anand. Then Anand starts to charge a small amount form the student. He starts earning form this.
He charges a Rs.500/year for each student. Some students has not capable to pay this amount then he teaches some students for free. 
Super30-The Real Story
This is Turning Point of Anand Kumar Life. Then he selects 30 brilliant students who not belongs to poor families. His mother cook food for these 30 students.
anand kumar mother cook food
These students are very hard working and always motivated by his family. 

Study need no money. Study need Stubbornness, confident, moral.

 Now this time of success. After teaching 1year from 30 students 18 students qualified for IIT JEE. He can’t believe this.

anand kumar success

Then this numer was increasing continuously in 2nd year 22 and 3rd year 26 and then all 30 students
qualify for IIT JEE. From this time to the present time he trained 480 students to form this 422 qualified. This is the Success of his Student and Anand Kumar. After hard work, he achieves his success.
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