Tanhaji Malusare – Real Story

Tanhaji Malusare - Real Story

Tanhaji Malusare

We can learn a lot from Tanhaji’s life. Tanhaji movie was based on the Surgical Strike that took place 300 years ago. Tanhaji Malusare was a great warrior. There was one side 300 soldiers and another side Whole Army of Mughal Army. One side strong soldiers Tanhaji and another side Mughal Army. Marathas Pride Tanhaji Malusare on and other side tricksters of Mughal army Uday Bhan. 

It was the time 1670 in the place of Maharastra of India. The leader of Marathas is Chhatrapati Shivaji and Army commander Tanhaji Malusare. That’s the night when Tanhaji Malusare is busy on his child’s marriage and the other side Uday Bhan Singh capture the  Khondhana Fort.

Khondana Fort
Khondana Fort

This fort is near to Pune City in Maharastra. Chhatrapati Shivaji came to know about this and search a strong great soldier then he thinks about Tanhaji but Tanhaji busy with his child’s marriage. Shivaji knows for Tanhaji nothing more than country safety. Shivaji gave responsibility to Tanhaji Malusare and Tanhaji Malusare to accept it happily. It was the first Surgical Strike in history. When Tanhaji Malusare reaches the fort see the large wall of the fort and think to cross this wall how?. But Tanhaji Malusare was a smart soldier. He tied a rope to the tail of his pet Bengal monitor. One by One all the soldiers cross this wall. He doesn’t think about to go back.

Don’t think negative think about the solution.

Tanhaji Malusare - Real Story

Only 300 soldiers cross the wall. When the Mughal Army know about his. Mughal Fire on the Tanhanji. Tanhanji doesn’t think about we can’t fight with only 300 Soldiers. He starts a fight with only 300 soldiers

Where there is emotion, it doesn’t matter how much you count or how much strong you have.

When you are goal-oriented, dedicated no one can stop you. Between Tanhaji and Uday Bhan, the big fight was a start. After too late Shield (Dhaal) of Tanhanji drop then he makes a shield of his own turban and uses it as a shield. His every soldier was equal to 100 soldiers. After an hour Tanhaji was injured by Uday Bhan. After this maternal uncle, Shelar took charge.

Tanhaji Maternal Uncle SELAR

Sheela takes revenge on injuring Tanhaji by killing Uday Bhan. Tanhaji takes his last breath. Till hen Mughal Army was left the  Khondhana fort. Tanhaji Malusare sacrifices his life for his country’s Safety. After this Chhatrapati Shivaji says…

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