GK for Quiz | General Knowledge Question With Answer

30 GK Question for Quiz

1) Who is the creator of the world globe?

Ans.  Martin Beham

2) Highest Mountain in MOON?
Ans. Mons Huygens

3) When Pluto is discovered?
Ans.  1930

4) Black Soil is also known as __.
Ans. Regur Soil

5) Study of Cell is called?
Ans. Cytology

6) What is the weight of the Heart?
Ans. 350g

7) How many bones in the Backbone?
Ans. 33

8) What is the length of the Small Intestine
Ans. 22 feet ( 6.069m)

9) Which India’s first Submarine?
Ans. I.N.S Kaveri

10) Which is the largest Canal in India?
Ans. Indira Gandhi Canal


11) Which is the World’s largest Plateau in India?
Ans. Pameer ( Tibet )

12) Which country has the longest boundary?
Ans. Canada

13) Which country has the largest Sea Port?
Ans. Newyork (USA)

14) Which is the largest cell?
Ans. Ostrich Egg

15) Which is the largest Bog(Daldal) in the world?
Ans.Prepet Bog (Siberia)

16) World’s largest Tree?
Ans. Sequoia tree (366 feet)

17) When Mother Terresa was awarded Bharat Ratan?
Ans. 1980

18) Which is the sign of purity of food items?
Ans. Agmark

19) Who is the father of the Green Revolution in India?
Ans. Dr.M.S Swaminathan

20) Who discovered the Black Hole?
21) First Foreign person awarded with Bharat Ratna.
Ans. Khan Abdul Gafar Khan

22) Which is India’s first 3D movie?
Ans. My Dear Kuttichathan

23) Who was the first Indian Pilot?
Ans. J.R.D Tata (1951)

24) Who discovered the Petrol Car?
Ans. Karl Benz

25)  A minimum distance of Clear Vision of Human Eye
Ans. 25cm

26) Neil River is originated form__.
Ans. Victoria Lake

27) Who discovered the Atom?
Ans. John Dalton

28) Name of World’s Fastest Computer.
Ans. Summit

29) First Modern Computer discovered in__.
Ans. 1946

30) When Dr.Rajendra Prasad awarded with Bharat Ratan?
Ans. 1962

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