[Free] Ramanujan Memorial Math Contest Class-9 2020 Paper

Ramanujan Memorial Math Contest 

Ramanujan memorial math contest organized by Central Hindu boys school every year in the month of January. More than 45+ school students participated in this exam. In 2020 record 3,592 students give this exam. This exam for only for class-6,7,8,9 and 11. This exam is at the District level.

Exam Pattern
1. There 75 questions of math.
2. First, 50 questions carry 1 marks
3. The last 25 questions carry 2 marks.
4. All questions are MCQ type.
5. Total 100 marks.
Cash prize distributed for Top-5 students in each class.

Winner Prize
1st Prize- Rs.1500
2nd Prize- Rs.1200
3rd Prize- Rs.1000
4th Prize- Rs.800
5th Prize- Rs.500
Ramanujan Memorial Math Contest  2020 Class-9 Paper
Ramanujan Memorial Math Contest Class-9 2020 Paper
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