GK Questions for Class-5

79 GK Question

GK Questions for Class-5

General Knowledge is important for every student. We enhance your knowledge by providing the most asked gk question quiz, class, olympiad, and other exams. Question Given below is the level of 3-4 Class or standard.

Question-1: Who was the first man to go into space?
Answer: Yuri Gagarin

Question-2: Who was the first woman to go into space?
Answer: Valentia Tereshkova

Question-3: Who was the first Indian to go into space?
Answer: Rakesh Sharma

Question-4: Who was the first man to step on the moon?
Answer: Neil Armstrong

Question-5: Name this bird given in the picture.


Answer: Ostrich

Question-6: Who was the first Indian woman to go into space?
Answer: Kalpana Chawala

Question-7: When Earth Day was celebrated?
Answer: 22nd April

Question-8: Which is the highest mountain in the world?
Answer: Mount Everest(8848m)

Question-9: When World Environment Day was celebrated?
Answer: 5th June

Question-10: Name this temple given in the picture.

Lotus Temple

Answer: Lotus Temple

Question-11: Which layer protects the Earth from the harmful ultraviolet ray?
Answer: Ozone layer

Question-12: In which range Nanga Parvat lies?
Answer: Himalayan

Question-13: Which type of reason has tall densely populated trees?
Answer: Rainforest

Question-14: Cutting of trees called?
Answer: Deforestation

Question-15: What is the name of the statue given in figure.

statue of liberty

Answer: Statue of Liberty

Question-16: Which is the biggest mammal?
Answer: Blue Whale

Question-17: Which is the smallest mammal?
Answer: Seal

Question-18:  Which mammal has the longest life span?
Answer: Elephant

Question-19: World tallest tree in the world?
Answer: Sequoia(366 feet)

Question-20: What is the name of the statue given in figure.

 Aleo Vara
Answer: Aleo Vara

Question-21: Which India’s first newspaper?
Answer: Bengal Gazette

Question-22: Who is the father of the telephone?
Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

Question-23: Who is the first citizen of India?
Answer: President

Question-24: Who is the 3rd citizen of India?
Answer: Prime Minister

Question-25:  Which is the smallest country in the world?
Answer: Vatican City

Question-26: Which is the largest flower in India?
Answer: Rafflesia

Question-27: Which is the biggest continent in the world?
Answer: Asia

Question-28: Which is the biggest bird in the world?
Answer: Ostrich

Question-29: Which place is known as the TEA garden of India?
Answer: Assam

Question-30:  Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world?
Answer: Lake Superior

Question-31: The Biggest planet in the solar system?
Answer: Jupiter

Question-32: The Brightest planet in the solar system is.?
Answer: Mercury

Question-34: Coldest system in the solar system is?
Answer: Neptune

Question-35: Which city in the world is the highest population?
Answer: Tokyo

Question-36: Smallest planet in the solar system?
Answer: Mercury

Question-37: Largest bone in the human body?
Answer: Femur Bone

Question-38: Which lake is the largest in the world?
Answer: Capsian Lake

Question-39: Which lake is the largest in India?
Answer: Wular Lake

Question-40: Capital of Uttarakhand is?
Answer: Dehradun

Question-41: Which is the largest ocean in the world?
Answer: pacific ocean

Question-42: Which is the tallest waterfall in the world?
Answer: Angel waterwall

Question-43: Sania Nehwal is associated with which sport?
Answer: Badminton

Question-44: Which is the most sensitive organ in our human body?
Answer: Skin

Question-45: Who wrote the national anthem Jan Gana Mana?
Answer: Ravindra Nath Tagore

Question-46: Which planet is nearest to earth?
Answer: Venus

Question-47: 1024 Kilobyte is equal to __.
Answer: 1 MB

Question-48: Which is longest river on the earth?
Answer: Nile

Question-49: India lies in which continent?
Answer: Asia

Question-50: Where is statue of liberty is located?
Answer: USA

Question-51: Martyr’s Day was celebrated on which day?
Answer: 30th January

Question-52: Fastest animal on earth is?
Answer: Cheetah

Question-53: Which plant grows in the desert?
Answer: Cactus

Question-54: The most widely spoken language in the world?
Answer: Mandarin (Chinese)

Question-55: Cry of lion is known as?
Answer: Roar

Question-56: Home of dog is called?
Answer: Kennel

Question-57: Which animal is called the ship of the desert?
Answer: Camel

Question-58: Goiter is caused due to deficiency of?
Answer: Iodine

Question-59: Figure with 8 sites is called?
Answer: Octagon

Question-60: Which color symbolize peace?
Answer: White

Question-61: On which day children day is celebrated?
Answer: 14 November

Question-62: How many players in kho kho on one side?
Answer: 12 Player

Question-63: The last court of appeal in India?
Answer: Supreme Court

Question-64: The Head of the village is.
Answer: Sarpanch

Question-65: How many spokes in Ashok Chakra
Answer: 24

Question-67: How many planets in our solar system?
Answer: 8

Question-68: Which planet have to a ring?
Answer: Saturn

Question-69: What is the name of the Capital of Jharkhand?
Answer: Ranchi

Question-70: 5 September is celebrated as
Answer: Teacher’s Day

Question-71: When India got freedom?
Answer: 15 August 1947

Question-72: Which gas in the atmosphere help in burning?
Answer: Oxygen 

Question-73: For How many years prime Minister is elected?
Answer: 5

Question-74: Which type of rock can float on the water?

Answer. Pumice

Question-75: Who was the second man to step on the moon?

Answer: Edwin Aldrin

Question-76: Planting more trees is called?

Answer: Afforestation

Question-78: Which plant is tallest among grass family?

Answer: Bamboo

Question-79: The city Jaipur is also known as__.
Answer: Pink city

Gram panchayat

Gram panchayat

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