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We are surrounded by the wonder of science which makes our work easier and helps our work do to faster. Science also makes us lazy because we always take the help of science and technology to do our work.  Almost everybody depends on science. Science makes our life comfortable. Moreover, Increasing the wonder of science we also affect nature by causing pollution, deforestation, etc. 25 years before there is nothing like a Smartphone, LCD TV, Smart computer, etc but today these things are common for us. Some years ago smartphones, the bike is a luxury product but today it became a need for us it means science increases our need. We spend more time with the wonder of science.

Wonders of Science Essay for Students and Children in English
  1. Scientific Inventions
  2. Means of Transport and Communications
  3. Medicine and Surgery
  4. Computers
  5.  Mobile Phones
  6. Agriculture
  7.  Education
  8. Advantages of science
  9. Disadvantages of science
  10. Conclusion

Full Form of Science

S – Systematic and
C – Comprehensive
I – Investigation and
E – Exploration of
N -Nature’s
C -Causes and
E -Effect

Scientific Inventions

We continuously inventing new things but the Largest scientific invention is electricity because of all the scientific inventions like T.V, mobile, computer, motor, AC is running using electricity. Human invents the thing which makes his life easy and comfortable. We invent for entertainment is T.V, for water boiling is a geyser, for cooler air is Air conditioner, for traveling is bicycle, car, etc. We can’t be imagining our life without these things. 

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Means of Transport and Communications

25 years ago the transport facility is not so good but today the transport system is very fast. We travel 1000km in an hour. These are only possible by science. Today our communication is so fast. We can talk with our friends, relative direct and lesions their voice also we can watch them live. Some years ago we write a letter to relative and they get a letter after 7days and get a reply in 15 days. But today our communication is so advanced. Today almost every person has a phone, Smartphone and communicates with anyone anywhere at any time.

Medicine and Surgery

All over the world, the death rate continually declined because our medical facility is so advanced. We have the medicine of dangerous-dangerous disease able to recover from the disease. The government is spending billions of dollars on health infrastructure. Today’s medicine gives results in a few days, which is not a year ago.   Many hospitals do surgery at low cost and make it affordable for the middle class. Our scientist is continuously busy improving in medicine and surgery to make them more effective.


Today’s computer is so advanced do the large larges calculation in the nanosecond it’s a great wonder of science. Now almost everybody has their own computer in their pocket that smartphone. The computer makes our work easy and saves time. Some years ago the Computer is so thick taking more spaces but today the computer is so thin we can place in even our pocket. After coming computer paperwork is continuously decreasing send paperwork through email, message, etc.

Mobile Phones

Today’s mobile phones are advance and called a smartphone, today mobile phones are not only calling but today we start our business using a phone. We use phones for calling, photography, message, email, movie, calculation, games, books reading, and for more works. We can play many games in a single phone easily. Today our phones are playgrounds, cinemas hall, calculator, camera, and library, etc.  


We can’t survive with food, so we can improve our agriculture system and grow more crops in the same land. The world population is increasing but cultivating land is decreasing, crops growing are decreasing, but we can research crops and improve them resulting in we get grains are grown double in the same land. We improve the irrigation system, fertilizer, etc. These are called Green Revolution. We try to make seed which can survive in less water, even in flood and in any conditions. These are possible only by science. Today many types of machinery are available for agriculture and make agriculture activities easy and save money and time.


Today the education system was total changes. We attend the live school classes at home and study it’s a great wonder of science. Science gave robots, calculators, and tablets for study which makes education simple and memorable. Some school is totally advanced and set up a smart class. They teach the student through video which student understands easy. Science changes the system of education.

Advantages of Science

Science gives many things for us who make our life easy and comfortable. We can save time and use this time with our family. Science gives many things ex- AC, T.V, cooler, Computer, Mobile Phones, laptop, Electricity, car, Bicycle act. Can you imagine your life without these things?

Disadvantages of Science

Science affects nature most. Air and water are polluted through the factory. Air and water lost its purity and became poisonous. Forest are disappearing for factory setup. Some area gets high rainfall some area faces drought. The natural cycle was affected badly. Human makes a bomb, gun, and other harmful weapons which destroy human life.


So, something is good for us and also some bad for us. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the wonder of science. We have to control these things otherwise the earth was destroyed.

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