[Part-3] CHS Class-9 Mock Test

CHS Class-9 Mock Test Where is the memorial of Mahatama Gandhi? Veer BhumiShakti SthalRajghatShantivan Hindi Diwas is celebrated on which day? 14 Dec14 Sep13 Aug13 Oct Which state is the highest female sex ration? Uttar PradeshKerelaMaharastraTamil Nadu “Vande Mataram” slogan is given by _____. Shaheed Bhagat Singh.Ramprasad BismilBankim ChatterjiMahatama Gandhi How much minimum age required … Read more

Biology Quiz Class-9

Biology Quiz Class-9 Q.1 Basic taxonomic category is Population Species Variety Breed …Answer is B) SpeciesAnswer Q.2 Air bladder present in Bony fishes Cartilaginous fishes Toad Snake …Answer is A) Bony fishesAnswer Q.3 Pteridophytes do not have Root System Flower Leaves …Answer is C) Flower Answer Q.4 In which group of animal, coelom is filled … Read more