GK Questions For Coronavirus | Gk For COVID-19

Coronavirus Gk Questions Coronavirus the outbreak was originated in which province of china Shandong Wuhan Hubei Henan Correct Ans: Hubei Which of the following is/are symptoms of coronavirus Fever cough shortness of breath all of these Correct Ans:  all of these SARS virus was spread in 2002 in which country China Saudi Arabia Italy Iran Correct Ans:  Saudi … Read more

ITI Delhi Admission 2020 – Application Form, Fee, Date, Eligibility, Counselling

Here we give the latest information for ITI Delhi. We discuss Application form, fee, date, Eligibility, Counselling. ITI Delhi did not organize any Entrance Exam to get admission to ITI Delhi. ITI Delhi selects the student by merit list. You have must in merit list made by ITI Delhi. ITI Delhi Admission 2020: Important Dates … Read more